Board of Directors

Sanjog Koirala, a man who is both visionary and determined, serves as the chairman of Ideapreneur Nepal. He is an entrepreneur who has launched various businesses that have been very lucrative. Sanjog offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization, in addition to a burning desire to impart sound financial education to the young people of Nepal.

Rajesh Shah, a board member who has worked in commercial television commercials, music videos, feature films, television series, reality programs, logo animations, and documentaries throughout the course of his 16 years of expertise, offers a plethora of creative skill to the organization.

Mrigendra Narayan Shrestha a board member, is a great designer and branding expert with over ten years of expertise. He is another board member. He is an invaluable asset to the organization because of his ability to produce persuasive visual communications that are effective in driving results.

Suman Dhungel, a member of the board, has a background in chartered accountancy and is interested in the financial sector and capital markets. Suman has been with the company ever since it was established. He has ample certifications in financial markets and is also proficient in technical analysis. He has been actively involved in the Nepali capital market for more than 6 years with the goal of promoting financial literacy throughout the country.. In addition to his position at Ideapreneur Nepal, he is also the founder and head of the investment management company Vriddhi Vrsabha, which he established.

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